CRAFT THE LEATHER 2012: Student’s comments

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Heehyung Cho

3 things I liked best:

Visit to PO.TE.CO.
Visit to Ferragamo Museum
Master Andrea Traina’s work and teaching

Giulia Leonardi

3 things I liked best:

Workshop with craftsman Andrea Traina
Visit to PO.TE.CO.
organizing workshops


ARTEZ – Olanda

Renee Verhoeven

3 things I liked best:

I liked the fact that we could talk to the tanners directly, so we could hear from themselves what they think are the problems and positive aspects of their leather.
Technical information – very hard to get outside this workshop.
Learning how this leather is traditionally treated.

Mark Sturkenboom

3 things I liked best:

Learning about the background info. Knowing all about the process from A to Z. The positive as well as the downside of the process.
Actually go to the tanneries and speak with people who work there. It’s good to see, feel, smell the skins before they are processed into an actual piece of leather.
Very nice to be with so many different cultures and actually see what everybody makes or thinks about their projects. Makes you think about your own position as a designer.


BIFT – Cina

Wen Wen Wang  &  Meng Ying Liang

3 things we liked best:

Thanks Barbara and Diane, we very like this week and friends.
We learn many knowledge about vegetable leather during this time.
Hand working with leather needs long time and the class has experimented that, so to get better with it.



Fflur Owen

4 things I liked:

Incredible opportunity to learn more about the tanning process
Having the chance to meet and create with fellow students is inspirational
Meeting tanners and learning about their heritage and knowledge of the veg tan process is very beneficial towards my designs and way of designing
Meeting traditional crafters and learning more about their skills and craft is bound to influence my designs

I have enjoyed so much. It has been a super week, and I feel much more confident going home to work with your products!

Elena Blank

3 things I liked best:

Great commitment of all the people involved in the workshop; consorzio, tutors, tanneries, artists, hosts, scientists…
Direct and most possible closest access to the people making the “VEG” happen. It’s very beautiful and a real privilege to have had the chance to be part of it. The generosity and passion in sharing what they love is impressive and cannot be forgotten.
Professional organisation, all very well taken care of, from A to Z!

Thank you so much!



Tomoki Maruoka

It was a very valuable and enjoyable 5 days during which time I learnt a lot of things. I feel honored to have participated in such a project like this.

2 things I liked best

Having the chance to interact with students from other design schools from a variety of countries. I realized that I need to improve my ability in a number of ways.
Being able to take on the challenge of doing everything for the first time. It was a great experience to go to Italy, interact with students from overseas, and join a workshop.

From the things I saw and experienced in Italy and from the efforts of other students, I really got the feeling that I need to improve my sense of design and the quality of my garments. Each day I wonder how I can successfully work vegetable tanned leather in to my designs and also how I can fascinate my audience with what kind of design using this leather. This is my worry at the moment, but I will definitely achieve it!

Ryosuke Kojima

3 things I liked best:

It was really a good experience. I was able to see myself not only leather, but also the link between people’s daily life, town and the leather industry because I went to the actual areas where this happens and experienced it for myself.
It was great to actually see where the products are being made, which is so different from just looking at the products. An artist came to meet us and it was really good to experience his artistic sensibility and strong presence.
Even during our time off at the hotel and other places the environment was really nice and it was easy to communicate with other students. Since it wasn’t really a tourist spot, I was able to experience the natural environment of Italy.

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