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Nuova Grenoble

Contact person: Gabriele Colonnata

Conceria Nuova Grenoble, with its state-of-the-art articles, was born in 1977 and it is synonymous of respect for tradition and safeguard of the environment. Thanks to its vegetable-tanning – a natural process – and to its natural products, Nuova Grenoble has now characterized its production on the international market. Its products are not harmful for man and are also likeable to touch and to see. Production: Heavy and light vegetable-tanned bellies, shoulders, fronts and calves.Thanks to the qualities of the natural oils used in the tanning, the leathers always maintain particular  characteristics of beauty, brilliance, softness and length.

Via dei Conciatori 34-36 56024 - Ponte a Egola - PI

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