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The Guarantee certifies the traceablity of the origin, the correct execution of the tanning process and the natural characteristics of the vegetable-tanned leather produced by the tanneries associated with the consortium. Each trademarked certificate is printed with anti-counterfeiting techniques and bears a progressive serial number that allows the consortium to identify, at any time and anywhere in the world, both the tannery supplying the leather and the manufacturer of the product.

On the back of the card there is a QR code through which it is possible to enter into the Consortium reality  watching a video on our traditions and it is possible to access our social media.

To attach the certificates to finished products the Consortium proposes the guarantee seal, a cord of natural cotton with an irreversible lock embossed with its logo.

Trademarked certificates are available in various multilingual versions:


Certified Quality

The Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium rules, protects and guarantees the production of Tuscan vegetable tanned leather.

Security guarantee

This dual system to attach the trademarked certificate is an elegant solution that gives the end client the important guararentee of a genuine product with transparent and traceable origins and helps to guard against contrafaction.

exclusive use

The trademark, owned by the Consortium, can be used only by the associated tanneries that respect the internal regulations and the technical production standards set by the Consortium itself and can be granted in use only to those customers who purchase the leather from the associated tanneries.

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