The Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium brings together 22
tanneries, all operating in Tuscany, in the area between Pisa and Florence, and sharing the same standards of production.
In the Tuscan Leather District, high quality vegetable-tanned leather, the renown Vacchetta, is still produced according to ancient methods.

Guarantee Label. Certified quality

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The New Magazine of Consortium is online!

The New Magazine of Consortium is online!


The new Magazine of Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium is online! It’s an editorial product organized in sections, but also a place open to conversation and interaction with the users. The Magazine consists in 7 sections: “Editorial”, in which Consortium provides a point of view, an interpretation or a statment on a determined subject, “Consortium” where institutional information about...

Telling the quality of a product

Telling the quality of a product


I always thought that people start to write on a blog for two reasons: having something to tell, or being a little sick and tired of listening always to the same things from someone who has something to say. I’d like to tell rather than to say. It’s warmer, deeper and it’s able to create a peaceful atmosphere between  speaker and listener . Telling...



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