The Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium brings together 22
tanneries, all operating in Tuscany, in the area between Pisa and Florence, and sharing the same standards of production.
In the Tuscan Leather District, high quality vegetable-tanned leather, the renown Vacchetta, is still produced according to ancient methods.

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The colors of veg-tan leather over time

The colors of veg-tan leather over time


How do colors of vegetable-tanned leather change? We would like to introduce a report that outlines  a research study aiming at verifying, on a scientific basis, the color transformations of the leather produced by the tanneries associated to the Genuine Italian Vegetable-tanned Leather Consortium. The leather – natural and biological raw material- tanned with vegetable extracts according to the operating...

Telling the quality of a product

Telling the quality of a product


I always thought that people start to write on a blog for two reasons: having something to tell, or being a little sick and tired of listening always to the same things from someone who has something to say. I’d like to tell rather than to say. It’s warmer, deeper and it’s able to create a peaceful atmosphere between  speaker and listener . Telling...

Benedetta Barzini and the beauty of passing time

Benedetta Barzini and the beauty of passing time


A legend of fashion, an extraordinary fascinating lady and a genuine, outspoken woman at the same time. This is Benedetta Barzini, top model in the Sixties and today lecturer in various Italian universities, since always an absolute icon of style. In 1963, almost by chance, the doors of fashion flew open in front of her ravishing beauty able to charm...



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