The Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium brings together 22
tanneries, all operating in Tuscany, in the area between Pisa and Florence, and sharing the same standards of production.
In the Tuscan Leather District, high quality vegetable-tanned leather, the renown Vacchetta, is still produced according to ancient methods.


Many have a story to tell,

signs to show,

a truth to declare.


Consume less, consume better: Consortium goes back to Tokyo

Consume less, consume better: Consortium goes back to Tokyo


On November 27th, 2019, the Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium will be in Japan, with the event Consume less, consume better, to propose to the Japanese operators a whole day dedicated to the sustainability and the circularity of vegetable tanned leather. The aim of the event Consume less, consume better is to provide importers, producers, designers and all those working in the leather sector, together with local journalist,...

Let’s talk about Leather and Sustainability

Let’s talk about Leather and Sustainability


In the “REPUBBLICA MOTORI” insert of 10th July 2019 I read some statements by Gerry McGovern, “Designer of the Year 2019”, and his right-hand man Massimo Frascella, Design Director in Land Rover. “Personally I would be very happy to stop using leather. I hate the fact that so many animals have to be slaughtered to make our leather“. (McGovern). “Many...

Adapting is the key of change

Adapting is the key of change


Change scares, because of its  load of unknown that suddendly enters in our lives and undermins our certainties. Changing is to question ourselves and our own values. But it is a fear, in some ways, that can stimulate and from which we can benefit. To do this, however, the password is adaptation, because knowing how to adapt to changes teaches us...



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